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 March 2003

    Calendar of Events
Mar 1, 2003                Open Forum – 10:00am , St. Vincent de Paul, Seward
Mar 1, 2003                Secretariat Meeting 12:00pm (½ hour following Open Forum), St. Vincent de Paul
Mar 28-29, 2003        School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri - 4pm Sat, St. Joseph, Beatrice
April 25-27, 2003       Cursillo Regional Meeting, Wichita, KS (Registration Form enclosed)
June 29, 2003             Grand Ultreya, Camp Kateri (near McCool Junction)
July 17-20, 2003         Cursillo National Encounter, Xavier Univ., Cincinnati, OH
Sept, 2003                  Men’s Weekend,  Location and dates to be announced
Sept, 2003                  Women’s Weekend,  Location and dates to be announced

Grand Ultreya planned for June - Bring your family! ...  During the February School of Leaders, the Postcursillo section began making plans for a Grand Ultreya.  The Grand Ultreya is tentatively scheduled for June 29th at Camp Kateri, near McCool Junction, Nebraska.  This is a family oriented event, and activities are planned for youth of all ages.
    Though all of the details for the Grand Ultreya have not been finalized, we want to give you plenty of notice so that you can plan accordingly.  Since our diocese is geographically widespread, this is a great opportunity for an afternoon of prayer, sharing, and enjoying each others’ company ... an afternoon of fun ... and joy.
    Mark your calendar today ... invite someone to come with you to share the fun!

Welcome New Fourth Dayers
St. Joseph, Beatrice, January 12, 2003: Dave Benes, Nate Crotty, Fr. Maurice Current, Jay DeBoer, Kevin Gilbert, Fr. Bernard Lorenz, Fr. Joseph Nguyen, and Cory Wagner.
St. Joseph, Beatrice, January 19, 2003: Chastity Crotty, Jodi DeBoer, Vickie Gilbert, Pat McElhose, Joyce Micek, Barb Ohnoutka, Becky Petrzilka, and Paula Wagner.
    Welcome to the 4th Day!  We continue to pray for you as you study your environments, and respond to God’s graces in bringing Christ into those environments.  Let your light shine ... remember Christ is counting on you, and you must count on Him!

School of Leaders ... We are enclosing a registration form for the first quarter reunion of the School of Leaders.  The Secretariat decided at its February meeting to change the format of the School of Leaders from a monthly evening meeting to a quarterly day long meeting.  The change is intended to decrease the amount of travel time and the number of evening commitments, and to combine the east and west sessions of the School.  The day long School will be preceded by an evening of reflection / recollection open to all cursillistas.  You are invited to attend either (the Friday evening reflection / recollection or the Saturday all-day School of Leaders) or both.  Please refer to registration form, which includes a letter of invitation / explanation on the back.  Watch the newsletter for dates and locations of future sessions of the School of Leaders and/or check with your Ultreya Center representatives.  The next session is tentatively planned for June 2003.

Open Forum Reminder ...
Just a reminder ... at the February Secretariat meeting, it was decided that an Open Forum might be the best way to discuss recent changes in Cursillo in our Diocese ... in light of the essence of Cursillo (its method, strategy and purpose).  The Open Forum will be held March 1, 2003, beginning at 10:00am, in the Parish Hall at St. Vincent de Paul, Seward (152 Pinewood), and should last approximately 1 ½ hours.

From the Spiritual Advisor
    The Alternate Opening Prayer for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary time (March 2, 2003) is one of my favorite prayers: “Father in heaven, form in us the likeness of Your Son and deepen His life within us.  Send us as witnesses of gospel joy into a world of fragile peace and broken promises.  Touch the hearts of all with Your love that they in turn may love one another.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.”
    During most of March and April we will be celebrating the Season of Lent.  We reflect on our Lord’s suffering and death ... for love of us ... to forgive our sins.  We reflect on His obedience to His Heavenly Father.  St. Paul says: “For just as through the disobedience of one person the many were made sinners, so through the obedience of one the many will be made righteous ... where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more.” (Gal. 5:19-20)
    It has often been said that if you or I were the only person on earth, Christ would have died for you ... He would have died for me.  Sometimes, when that is said, it is not understood that it also means that you and I are sinners, and it is our sins that nailed Jesus to the cross.  Sin is disobedience.  The way that disobedience (sin) is overcome, is through obedience.
    The season of Lent is a retreat for us as followers of Jesus Christ.  It is an opportunity for us to “turn away from sin and to be faithful to the Gospel” as we are instructed on Ash Wednesday.  It is an opportunity for us to be “formed in the [image and] likeness” of Jesus and to have His life deepened within us.  His life is a life of obedience to the Father ... a life of formation, a life of Gospel joy ... of joy in proclaiming the Gospel to an unbelieving world.  His life was spent forming a community (the Church), and teaching them (and us) to love one another as He has loved us.
    As cursillistas, we must be involved in formation throughout our lives, not just during Lent.  We must be filled with Gospel joy, not just with passing happiness.  I encourage you to reflect throughout the season of Lent on how the Father wants to form us (to form you and to form me) in the likeness of Jesus.  May each of us be open to that formation each day of Lent and throughout our lives.  May we truly become witnesses of Gospel joy to the world by dying to ourselves, to selfishness and to sin.  May we become more and more obedient to being formed by God.
De Colores               Father Mark Seiker

From the Lay Director ... Last night as the Doane Newman Club discussed the readings (the Gospel, in particular) for this coming Sunday (8th Sunday in Ordinary Time), the phrases “ … no one pours new wine into old wineskins … rather, new wine is poured into fresh wineskins” really struck me.  We talked about the new wine being Christ … His graces … His being poured into us … are we empty enough to receive all that He desires to give us?  I began reflecting on what kind of wineskin I am … am I an old (and pretty much dried up … inflexible) wineskin or a new wineskin (one ready to receive … one that will expand as He fills … ready to accept new challenges and opportunities)? …  If I’m not the kind of wineskin that I would like to be, how might I become a “fresh wineskin”?
    This, naturally, led me right to thoughts of Confession … ah yes, Confession …  The more that we empty ourselves of the sin that is in us (we talked about St. Teresa of Avila’s comment that even the very greatest saints sinned an average of at least seven times each day), the better vessels (wineskins) we will be to receive His graces … which can then be channeled through us to those in our environments.  Being “made new” (recycled) is a continual emptying and refilling process … and each time through the cycle, we become flexible once again … more supple … ready to receive more of that which He desires to give … better able to expand and receive as He pours and pours and pours … as He fills us … often far beyond what we ever imagined our capacity to receive could be.  How very much He loves us!!
    So with Lent right around the corner, I encourage you to live the Fourth Day faithfully … to live lives of Holiness, Formation, and Evangelization … to meet with your brothers and sisters in Christ in Group Reunion and Ultreya …  Lent is always a good time to go out into the desert and spend some time reflecting on our relationships with God … to do a really thorough examination of conscience …  I am reminded that I need to be made new in the sacrament of Reconciliation … I want to be a “fresh wineskin” … as Mother Angelica used to say – God always fills us to capacity … the question is, to what capacity are we allowing Him to fill us? … I want to offer Him a barrel, not a thimble … I want to receive all that He desires to give …  May we all be made new this Lent … each and every day!  “… A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit.  Do not drive me from Your presence, nor take from me Your Holy Spirit.  Restore my joy in Your salvation; sustain in me a willing spirit …”  (Psalm 51).  De Colores!!
Kathy Springer, Lay Director

Post-Cursillo Ponderings: “This Little Light of Mine”                                                                                  2/26/03

Jesus’ love is unconditional and never ending.  Near the tabernacle is the candle burning to represent Christ’s presence.  When I look at that light flickering, it also reminds me that Christ’s light needs to continue flickering in me…

“This little light of mine…”
Having participated in the Women’s Cursillo, January 16-19, 2003, in Beatrice on the talk team, I watched, witnessed, and lived the light.  In spending time in the Chapel, I watched the flickering of the candles; and I also saw the flickering ... and then brighter lights ... glow in each of the candidates and team.  Each person could identify with that light of Christ, and we realized that we each needed to let that light shine through us to others.

“Take it around the block with me…”
Sunday - It is now time to live our 4th Day in our own families, work places, and communities. The world didn’t change, but we did.  Our light is glowing and we need to share it with everyone around us.  How do we keep it burning brightly?

“Don’t you blow my little light out…”
The 4th Day - Our friendship groups feed the flames of our spiritual candles so they do not burn out.  In building each other up and growing in our faith, we can then evangelize and glow in our environments, fulfilling our commitment to bring each person in the world to Christ.

“Put it under a bushel, NO!!”
Bringing the friendship groups together at Ultreya (which means “Onward!”), we build a bonfire.  Each friendship group needs to stay connected with the greater community.  We do not participate in Ultreya solely for the purpose of building ourselves up ... we need to build up one another.  By participating in Ultreya, we are allowing ourselves to share our lights with our fellow cursillistas, and as a result, our greater community builds each other up as we do the work of Christ.  Please share the lights you keep burning in your friendship groups ... don’t hide them under a bushel!

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”
By living our 4th Day in our families, work environments and communities, the Cursillo offers each of us the method to keep our lights flickering ... even burning brightly!  Holiness, formation and evangelization are the tools to keep our individual candles lit.  It is through our friendship groups and Ultreya that we come together to form a beautiful light … the Light of Christ to the world.  We can share Christ’s Light in our commitment to and involvement in Cursillo.  Let your light shine!
De Colores!  Cheryl Prothman.

Registration Form

School of Leaders
First Quarter Reunion
March 28-28, 2003
612 High Street
St. Joseph School - Beatrice, NE

If you cannot be with us, we request Palanca for the success of the School.




Phone:                                         Email:  

Where and when did you make your Cursillo? 

Are you able to receive the Sacraments of Confession & Holy Communion?    Yes     No

To which Organizations do you commit your time?  


Are you living the follow-up program of Group Reunion?    Yes     No

Are you living the follow-up program of Ultreya?    Yes     No

Do you have any physical/medical/dietary conditions to be considered?  


Please Return this Form WITH PAYMENT To:
John Springer, 1410 E 15th St, Crete, NE 68333   NO LATER THAN MARCH 26, 2003.

You are invited to the First Quarter Reunion of the School of Leaders.  Come participate in the work of Cursillo ... build community with other cursillistas ... spend time in prayer and meditation with the Blessed Sacrament.  The School is for all cursillistas ... men and women, couples, singles, priests and religious.

FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH (Retreat Phase)
        7:30pm ---      Registration (NO Meal Friday evening)
        7:45pm ---      Mass
        8:30pm ---      Meditation, confessions, quiet time

SATURDAY, MARCH 29TH (School of Leaders Agenda)
        7:00am ---      Morning prayer and Mass, followed by breakfast
        8:30am - 4pm Group Reunion, Intro, 1st Session, Lunch, 2nd Session, 3rd Session
         4:00pm ---     Clean up and Depart (Supper not provided)

Please bring the following with you to the weekend:
    • Pilgrim’s Guide
    • If you have the following:
        • Leader’s Manual (please begin praying the Leader’s Prayer on page 57)
        • Lincoln Diocese Pastoral Plan for Cursillo (extra copies will be available)
        • The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement
        • His Way

• “Classic” Cursillo accommodations will be available.
• Advance registrations are requested; it is fine to attend Saturday only or Friday only
• Suggested donation (if you are able) for the weekend is $15.00 per person.  Please make check payable to “Cursillo of Lincoln” and mail with the Registration Form.
• Please keep this half of the flyer for future reference.
• Please bring a snack to share, if you like.

School of Leaders Insert

February 26, 2003

Dear Fourth Dayer’s,

YOU are invited .…

Christ invited you to Cursillo.  He prepared you for the Three Day Weekend during the Precursillo through your sponsor’s support and encouragement.  During the Three Day Weekend, He invited you through the team to change your environment ... an ongoing task ... daily metanoia.  Each of us as a Christian leader must be daily involved in conversion ... our own ... those we have contact with ... our environments.

Taking this one step further, He may be inviting some of you to work in the environment of Cursillo (the Precursillo, Three Day, and Postcursillo), and that is what this is about ... an invitation to do the work of the Lord in the Cursillo Movement.  That work is largely done in the School of Leaders.  So, this is really an invitation for those who are called to evangelize the environment of Cursillo to be involved in School of Leaders

School of Leaders is ongoing formation.  In other words, it is a continual process of being formed/conformed (to Him).  The timing of when one chooses to become part of the School of Leaders is immaterial ... that one is involved in ongoing formation as a Cursillo leader through the School of Leaders is the essential point.  Even if you (whether you are a new fourth dayer or a seasoned veteran) have never attended a session of the School of Leaders, you are invited to participate.  The Secretariat has decided to change the format of the School of Leaders so that, rather than meeting monthly (as in the past), it would instead meet quarterly in an overnight setting (beginning on Friday evening and ending late Saturday afternoon); each weekend would consist of three separate sessions.  Watch the newsletter for dates and locations and/or check with your Ultreya Center representatives.

Having briefly discussed what the School of Leaders is, who should participate in the School?   EVERY cursillista is invited to participate ... your response is between you and God.  Is He calling you to give your time, talent, and treasure on a regular basis to the Cursillo Movement to evangelize the environment of Cursillo (realizing too, He might be calling you to use your time, talent, and treasure elsewhere)?  If so, He is calling you to School of Leaders.

That brings up the question: “Why should we be involved in School of Leaders?”  There has been much good fruit from the Cursillo Movement in our Diocese.  As in all things, however, the Lord continues to call us to conversion and continuing formation.  If we are not continually formed in His image and likeness, then the good is the enemy of the best if it keeps us from attaining the best ... because we’ve never done it before doesn’t mean it’s not good for us or for Cursillo.

In addition to formation, there are other reasons to be involved in the School -- two such reasons would be to form community and to invite / encourage more cursillistas to do the work of Cursillo.  Specifically, “The School itself is meant to be one of spirituality, formation and Christian community.  The individuals who make up the School are not limited to being a community just in their personal Group Reunions, but together form a functioning Christian community as they serve the whole Movement.”  Thus, an important element of the School is the formation of a community of leaders who will serve the whole Movement and help it function as a Christian community following the strategy and method of the Cursillo Movement.  An additional purpose of the School is to involve a greater number of fourth dayers in the on-going work of Cursillo … to help them bring Christ to the environments of the Precursillo and Postcursillo … studying environments in the Precursillo … revitalizing in the Postcursillo.

While it is important to note that the School of Leaders is established to be something – a community of service to the Movement – it is also important that the spiritual dimension of the Movement be fostered and nourished in the School.  Thus, while it is true that in serving the Cursillo community, the School performs certain necessary tasks, it is important that the School not be just task-centered … the School should be structured such that both Mary and Martha are nurtured.

We conclude by asking you to consider the words of our Lord, “Come and see” … “Come and follow me” ... and the words of Scripture “and they stayed with Him that afternoon” ... “then they invited others to come and see” ...  We wish to imitate the Apostles who imitated our Lord ... we invite you to “come and see”.

John Springer                                               Kathy Springer                                                      Father Mark Seiker
Chair, School of Leaders                              Lay Director                                                         Spiritual Advisor

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