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 May 2003

    Calendar of Events
May 31, 2003              Secretariat Meeting 10:00am, Cristo Rey (Lincoln) 4221 J St ... enter south door
June 29, 2003              Grand Ultreya, Camp Kateri Tekakwitha (near McCool Junction)
July 17-20, 2003          Cursillo National Encounter, Xavier Univ., Cincinnati, OH
July 25-26, 2003 (Tentative)   School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri - 4pm Sat, Location TBA
Sept 4-7, 2003             Men’s Weekend,  Location to be announced
Sept 18-21, 2003         Women’s Weekend,  Location to be announced
Feb 12-15, 2004          Men’s Weekend,  Location to be announced
Feb 19-22, 2004          Women’s Weekend,  Location to be announced

From the Lay Director ...
    For some time now, I have been mulling over what it is I might say.   I’ve had lots and lots of thoughts ... the opportunities afforded us in the Lenten journey/pilgrimage ... the wonder of the Paschal Mystery that we celebrated so beautifully in the Easter Triduum ... His great mercy poured out to us every minute of every day, but especially emphasized on Mercy Sunday (and yes, Jesus, I do trust in You) ... and a reminder, too, that we need to be merciful to one another  ... and so much more.
    However, I just returned a few hours ago from the Region VI Cursillo meeting in Wichita, and it is another topic that comes to mind ... the “feast of friendship.”  I stayed up into the wee hours of this morning, first praying in the Chapel with two very dear friends (I should say three very dear friends ... my youngest daughter often reminds me that Jesus is my very best Friend), and later talking/sharing/laughing (there was a lot of laughing) about the beauty/mystery with which God works in our lives ... and that is the very heart and soul of Cursillo.
    There is a book entitled, “The Feast of Friendship” that speaks of the blessings of spiritual companionship ... our friends being one of “the pathways that link the kingdom of heaven to this earth.”  Isn’t that a beautiful thought?  Our friends ... those that our Lord puts in our lives to help us along the way in both good times and bad ... being a link between heaven and earth.  I would say that is true of the two persons I spoke of earlier ... thank You, God, for the blessing of those friendships!
    Friendships ... Two of Cursillo’s most valuable tools are the friendship groups and Ultreya (a whole community of friendship groups ... friends ... well over 100  at the Regional meeting ... both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking).  And even though there were many at the Ultreya that I had never met before and/or did not know, all of us had shared a common, lived experience (the Three Day Weekend) and we were all there because of love for our Lord and our desire to be sent out as disciples to build His kingdom.  We all knew the Cursillo Method to be a tried and true means of bringing others to know Him ... love Him ... and serve Him ... and we all had a deep desire to spend eternity with Him ... it truly felt like the “feast of friendship” ...  These were fellow pilgrims on the path of life eternal ... true companions stumbling along the road of life.  Those who were down were lifted up ... the faint of heart were encouraged ... those with noble aspirations were cheered on ... those who had become complacent were challenged ... those in sorrow were comforted ... those needing reproof/correction were lovingly redirected ...  Ah yes, the “feast of friendship” ...
    Because we allow true friends access to the intimate spaces of our hearts, we place them in a position to deeply affect us.  We should pray that our friends daily work to change themselves in holiness, formation and evangelization ... But FIRST, we should look inside ourselves ... what kind of friend am I?  How am I daily striving to change myself?  (What helped me in my spiritual GROWTH this week ... change ...?  What helped CHANGE my mentality to be more Christian ... change ...?  What did I accomplish to bring about CHANGE in my environments ... change?).  Then consider ... Am I a link between heaven and earth for my friends?  Am I taking part in the “feast of friendship”?   I’m pretty sure it’s a potluck ... and we all have gifts to offer in friendship ... discover and offer yours ... He saved you a place ...
    De Colores!         Kathy Springer, Lay Director

From the Spiritual Advisor ...
    “He is Risen, Alleluia!”  We are in the Easter Season and the Scripture readings at Mass describe our Lord’s resurrection and especially His appearances.  Recently I heard a Priest explain that Jesus appeared to those who did not believe:

    The early Christians were slow to believe, but after they were filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, they went out to announce the Gospel (the “Good News”) to the world.  Compare that with the chief priests of the Jews and the guards who publicized the story that “His disciples came by night and stole him while we were asleep.”  Here are two groups of persons, the early Christians (who at first struggled to believe) and the leaders of the Jews who made up a story that some still circulate to this day.  The Christians preferred to die rather than to change the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
    Just as the Apostles needed to spend time together talking about what had happened and even being together as they waited for the Holy Spirit to come, so too, we need to spend time together and to be strengthened in our relationships with each other and the Lord.  The Lord needs us to be a community as He needed them to be a community.  Just as they needed to be formed, so too, we need to be formed.  Their formation extended beyond the three years that they spent with Jesus ... beyond the forty days that they spent with the Risen Lord ... beyond the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost ... ongoing formation.  They were continually formed as a community at prayer, at work, in their environments ... even until their death.
    So too, we must be formed as cursillistas in our 4th Day ... the day that we are “sent forth” into the world.  But we are not sent forth alone.  We must remember the importance of community and formation ... in the School of Leaders ... and especially at Ultreya.  The Apostles were open to continual formation (individually and as a community) – we would do well to imitate their openness to ongoing formation.
De Colores!                Father Mark Seiker

Regional Meeting ...
    The Spring Region VI Cursillo Meeting was held in Wichita, KS, on April 25-27, with 101 cursillistas in attendance representing 13 dioceses from 8 states; 7 cursillistas from the Lincoln Diocese participated.  The main topic for the weekend was Commitment.  The presentations were very good and the discussions that followed were very helpful.
 One of the highlights was having Victor Lugo, the National English Coordinator, present for the weekend.  This past year Victor spent a week with Eduardo Bonnin, the founder of the Cursillo Movement.  It was interesting to listen to Victor explain how the Holy Spirit inspired Eduardo in piecing together the theology/spirituality of Cursillo … St. Teresa of Avila … St. John of the Cross … and many others.  Victor said that Eduardo stressed that we need to remain authentic to what was given and that to help us do so, Eduardo is in the process of writing a book about how Cursillo was given to us so that everyone might better understand its roots.  Hopefully it’ll be published soon.

Postcursillo Ponderings ...

Post Three Day Cursillo Reunion
    A reunion – consisting of candidates, spouses, sponsors and team – is held a few weeks following the Three Day Cursillo Weekend(s).  The Coordinators for the Men's and Women's Weekends each select a new cursillista to witness how the Lord has called him / her to growth through Cursillo.
    The purpose of this reunion is twofold: first, for the “table families” to be reunited (after the weekend, family members sometimes lose touch with one another); and second, as a reminder of the importance of Group Reunion and Ultreya.  Because the Reunion begins with small group sharing followed by a witness (just as in a regular monthly Ultreya or the Ultreyas experienced on Friday and Saturday during the Weekend), this Reunion provides another experience of Ultreya.  The Post Three Day Cursillo Reunion may be the first opportunity the new cursillistas have to take an active part in the Postcursillo.
    The sponsors and team are one means of helping the candidates succeed in evangelization of their environments.  That is what the Fourth Day is all about!  Just think, when you sponsor a candidate or are on the team, a few weeks after the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet again to see how our Lord is working in and through you ... to reminisce ... to laugh, cry, hug, remembering how much our Lord loves you ... to reflect His love to others.
De Colores!                Mary Lou Salazar, Coordinator for the Post Three Day Cursillo Reunion

News From Secretariat ...

The Secretariat invites you to:


Ain't Life Grand?!?!?!?!

Plan on coming to the June Grand Ultreya for the Lincoln Diocese!  It is a great chance for all cursillistas across our great Diocese to get together along with our families and celebrate this grand old life.

Schedule for the Day
Arrive between 10:00 - 11:00am to be ready for Mass at 11:00am
(Shorts are fine, but not too short please.  Please dress respectfully for Mass.)

11:00am                 - Mass for everyone

12:00pm (Noon)    -  Picnic - cold food or hot (a few grills available - reminder, bring your own charcoal; or bring a hibachi)

1:00pm                  -  Games for the youth; Group Reunion for cursillistas (bring your reunion sheet if you have one)

2:00 - 4:00pm        -  Games or singing for everyone (if you don't like sports or singing, bring checkers!)

Pray for good weather (as the Lord wills it),

There are some buildings at the Camp, however,
so the Grand Ultreya will happen rain or shine!

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