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 July 2001

    Calendar of Events
July 7 or 14, 2001  Secretariat Meeting  ... Call Chris Yarger (443-5376) for date & time
July 12-15, 2001 Menís Weekend at St. Wenceslaus School, Wahoo -- CANCELLED
July 19-22, 2001 11th National Encounter, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
July 26-29, 2001 Womenís Weekend at St. Wenceslaus School, Wahoo
July 29, 2001  Women's Closing at St. Wenceslaus Church, Wahoo, 4:00pm Mass

Purpose of Cursillo
     The purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to evangelize environments through the natural leaders of those environments.
    With this in mind and taking into consideration the pluralistic society in which we live, we will encounter situations where a spouse may not be Catholic or the spouse of the natural leader does not wish to attend the Cursillo weekend; Thus the reason for couple guidelines.

The COUPLES GUIDELINES:   When selecting a person for Cursillo, male or female, it should be determined if that person is married before preparing that person for Cursillo.  Even though the Cursillo Weekend is lived individually, the spiritual life of the couple, both before and after the Cursillo Weekend, must be considered. The Cursillo Movement holds in highest regard the Sacrament of Marriage and if participation in a Cursillo by one and not the other might have an adverse effect on that Sacrament, then we suggest some other form of individual spiritual renewal.
    Once it is known that the person is married, we need to determine whether both are eligible to attend the Cursillo or if both are interested in attending the Cursillo Weekend.  If something would prevent one spouse from attending, either because that individual is not eligible (See: "Those who should not go" - page 71 of the English Leaders' Manual) or that person does not wish to attend, then the following steps would be taken.
    1 The couple would be invited to meet with the Spiritual Advisor of the Movement, member of the Secretariat, and/or leader from the School of Leaders.
    2 During this meeting a full explanation to the purpose/method of the movement would be given.
    3 A complete explanation of what is expected of those who go through the 3-Day exercise is given.
    4 Most importantly, an explanation of what is expected during the 4th Day (Group Reunion and Ultreya) is given.
    5 If both agree, that one spouse attending the weekend while the other spouse does not will not have an adverse affect on their Sacrament of Marriage, then the one who is eligible and wants to attend should be allowed to do so.
    In the case where both are eligible and both agree to attend the Cursillo, then both should be prepared at the same time and the question of who attends first is not important.
    The purpose of the Spiritual Advisor, a Secretariat member, and/or leader from the School of Leaders meeting with the couple is meant to compliment the work already done by the sponsor, not to take the place of the sponsor.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,
    I need to tell you that we do NOT have enough male candidates (only 1 or 2 confirmed) so we will NOT hold the Men's Weekend which was scheduled for July 12-15, 2001.
    However, we have 6 or 7 applications in hand for women who do not have a spouse or whose spouses have already made a Cursillo Weekend, and so we WILL be holding the Women's Weekend on July 26-29, 2001 at St. Wenceslaus in Wahoo.   If you know of other women that are eligible to make the weekends, please send their completed applications to Chris Yarger, 1209 N Sycamore St, Wahoo NE, 68066.  We are still taking applications for the WOMEN's Weekend which is a little more than three weeks away.
    I invite you to take a look at the Cursillo Web Page for the Diocese of Lincolon under the Pre-Cursillo Guidelines page to find your answers to questions about inviting couples and may a woman attend this weekend (since we are not having a men's weekend before it) if she is married and her husband has not yet made the weekend.  You will also find some of that information on the Couples Guidelines printed on the other page of this newsletter.
    Please continue to study your environments and to prepare persons that you know to make the Cursillo weekend.  The next set of weekends (both menís & womenís) is tentatively scheduled for January 2002.  The Secretariat will be meeting in the next week or two to discuss the next weekends, and try to assist Cursillistas in continuing to do the work of evangelization.  Continue to attend your friendship grouping and  the Ultreyas.  Support each other in the faith.
    De Colores!        Fr. Mark Seiker

PRAYER/ADORATION HOURS for the Wahoo Weekends (listed by Ultreya Centers)
Thursday, 7:00pm - Midnight Hastings
Friday, Midnight - 5:00am Lincoln
Friday, 5:00am - 10:00am Beatrice
Friday, 10:00am - 1:00pm McCook
Friday, 1:00pm - 6:00pm Beatrice
Friday, 6:00pm - Midnight Plattsmouth
Saturday, Midnight - 5:00am David City
Saturday, 5:00am - 10:00am Hastings
Saturday, 10:00am - 2:00pm Plattsmouth
Saturday, 2:00pm - 7:00pm Lincoln
Saturday, 7:00pm - Midnight David City
Sunday, Midnight - 6:00am McCook
Sunday, 6:00am - 4:00pm Wahoo

SEND PALANCA LETTERS -- for the Wahoo weekend to: St. Wenceslaus Church, 212 East 2nd St, Wahoo, NE  68066.  ATTN: WOMEN'S CURSILLO.  General Palanca letters are encouraged, and specific letters to Candidates from the sponsors, spouses, and pastors.

Candidates, Team, Palanca for the Wahoo Womenís Weekend
Candidates for Women's Weekend -- Susan Anthony, Kelli Bruckner, Theresia Burkinshaw, Carolyn Holmes, Lori Nelson, Marie Wilson, Cynthia Gress, Dorothy Petrosky, Myung Skeates, Terri Rickel.

Talk Team for Women's Weekend -- Kathy Springer (Coordinator), Anna Mae Buser, Rose Codr, Donna Havlat, Connie Hatfield, Joan Junkin, Bernadette Liberto, Cathy Sladky, Deborah Wilkinson.  Father Mark Seiker, Father Paul York

Palanca Team for Women's Weekend --
Elaine Korus & Mary Ellen Calkins (Co-coordinators)  Father Rudy Oborny.

INFO FOR CLOSINGS -- There will be a catered meal for the women's closing.  Cost: $5.00 per person, including the team and palanca.

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