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 September 2002

    Calendar of Events
Sept.  7, 2002                  Secretariat Meeting 1:00pm at St. Michael School, Hastings, NE
Sept. 12-15, 2002            Men’s Weekend St. Michael School, Hastings, NE
Sept. 15, 2002                 Closing for Men’s Weekend 5:00pm at St. Michael Church.
Sept. 19-22, 2002            Women’s Weekend St. Michael School, Hastings, NE
Sept. 22, 2002                 Closing for Women’s Weekend 5:00pm at St. Michael Church.
Oct. 4-6, 2002                 Cursillo Regional Meeting at St. Mary School, David City, NE
Oct. 2, 2002                     School of Leaders – 7:00pm , Good Counsel Retreat House, Waverly
Oct. 8, 2002                     School of Leaders – 7:00pm, St. Michael Church Family Room, Hastings
Oct. 26, 2002                   Postcursillo Reunion for September Weekends – (time/location TBA)


Next Cursillo Weekends ... The next Three Day Weekends are: January 9 - 12, 2003 (Men’s) and January 16 - 19, 2003 (Women’s).  The coordinators are Tom Schik and Chris Meysenburg.  The locations have not yet been finalized.

Three Day Teams – St. Michael, Hastings, Weekends

PRAYER/ADORATION HOURS for the Hastings Weekends (listed by Ultreya Centers)
Thursday, 7:00pm - Midnight         David City
Friday, Midnight - 5:00am             Lincoln
Friday, 5:00am - 10:00am             Beatrice/Crete
Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm             McCook
Friday, 3:00pm - 8:00pm               Plattsmouth/Offutt
Friday, 8:00pm - Sat., 1:00am       Wahoo
Saturday, 1:00am - 6:00am            David City
Saturday, 6:00am - 11:00am          Lincoln
Saturday, 11:00am - 4:00pm         Beatrice/Crete
Saturday, 4:00pm - 9:00pm           McCook
Sat, 9:00pm - Sun, 2:00am            Plattsmouth/Offutt
Sunday, 2:00am - 7:00am             Wahoo
Sunday, 7:00am - 5:00pm             Hastings

School of Leaders ... The School of Leaders will begin sessions in October 2002.  As previously discussed, one session each month will be held in two different locations on different days.  The days will be the first Wednesday of the month (for October, the 2nd) and the second Tuesday of the month (for October, the 8th).  The locations will vary from month to month – one will be an easterly location and the other a westerly location – to minimize travel time.  The Wednesday, October 2, session will be at Good Counsel Retreat House near Waverly; the Tuesday, October 8, session will be at St. Michael Church Family Room, Hastings.  Plan to attend one of these sessions.  You are welcome to attend either session (location) in any given month.
    The School will start at 7:00 p.m. and will last approximately two hours.  The topic of the technique talk for October will be "The Origin and Development of the Cursillo”.  There will also be a Leaders’ Group Reunion, a doctrinal talk, and discussion/work on the three parts of Cursillo – Precursillo, Three day, and Postcursillo.  The purpose of the School of Leaders is to deepen our understanding of what is fundamental for being a Christian as individuals, in the Movement, and in our environments.  Please come.
     Call or email if you have questions.  God bless.
John Springer, Chairperson, School of Leaders

Region VI Meeting ... The Fall Region VI meeting is Oct. 4-6, 2002, at St. Mary School, David City, NE.  We need volunteers to help with set up, meal preparation and serving, and clean up.  Please call Joan Junkin, Postcursillo Chair (489-2115) to volunteer.  If at all possible, we strongly urge you to attend the Regional meeting.  The topics being discussed are: School of Leaders; Sponsorship; and Spirituality of a Leader.  Plan to attend the Regional meeting and deepen your knowledge of the Cursillo Movement ... experience the larger Cursillo Community.  Registration forms were included in the August newsletter.  If you have misplaced yours, please contact your Ultreya Center Representative.

From the Spiritual Advisor
    I invite you to continue to study your environments and to pray for the Holy Spirit to help you know who He wants you to invite to make a Cursillo Weekend.  The world needs to be Christianized.  Christ is counting on you and on me!
    The September Weekends are less than three weeks away.  If the persons the Holy Spirit wants you to invite are unable to attend the September Weekends, then invite them to the January Weekends.  Remember to prepare them in the Precursillo for the Three Days.  Pray for your environments and for the openness of those the Holy Spirit is calling to the Weekends.
    Please remember to continue to offer your Palanca, not just for the Weekends, but for the Cursillo Movement in our Diocese and throughout the world.
De Colores!         Father Mark Seiker

From the Lay Director
    De Colores!
    The September Men’s and Women’s Teams are currently forming community in anticipation of the Three Day Weekends.  Please pray for the formation process.
    We also need to be praying for the candidates who will be making the Weekends.  Ideally, we would have liked to include the names of the candidates in this newsletter (as we have done in the past); however, they have not yet been provided to us.  I would ask your cooperation in getting the completed applications to the Lay Director as soon as possible.
    One of the responsibilities of the Coordinator for a Weekend is to welcome the candidates to Cursillo by way of an introductory letter (which includes information about the Weekend) prior to the Weekend.  If we do not have the information from the sponsors (completed application and sponsor form), this cannot be done.  Forming community begins before the candidates arrive to the Weekend ... with the letter ...  Please help make this process easier ... it is so hard to be sending the letters and making contact (when there is not time to get a letter out) at the last minute.  It causes undue stress for both the Coordinator and the candidates.  I understand the concept of God’s Time ... let’s together pray that all things be done accordingly.
    God is good ... all the time ... and holy is His name!!
    Kathy Springer, Lay Director

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