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 September 2004

    Calendar of Events
September 11, 2004       Secretariat Meeting 10:00am, Blessed John XXIII Ctr, 3700 Sheridan, Lincoln
Sept 17-18, 2004           Practice Weekend, Sacred Heart, Shelby
Sept 23-26, 2004           Men’s Weekend, Sacred Heart, Shelby
Sept 26, 2004                Men’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:15pm Mass) Sacred Heart, Shelby
Oct 1-3, 2004                Fall Regional Encounter, St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN
Oct 14-17, 2004           Women’s Weekend, Sacred Heart, Shelby
Oct 17, 2004                 Women’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:15pm Mass) Sacred Heart, Shelby
October 30, 2004          Secretariat Meeting 9:00am, Blessed John XXIII Ctr, 3700 Sheridan, Lincoln
November 5-6, 2004     School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Sacred Heart, Shelby
November 13, 2004       Postcursillo Reunion – 1:00pm-3:00pm Sat, Sacred Heart, Shelby
January 7-8, 2005          Practice Weekend, TBA
January 13-16, 2005      Men’s Weekend, TBA
February 10-13, 2005   Women’s Weekend, TBA
February 25-26, 2005   School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Location TBA
April 1-3, 2005             Spring Regional Encounter, Savior of the World Seminary, Kansas City, KS
July 28 - 31, 2005         Cursillo National Encounter, Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

Closings for the Three Day Weekends

Food!! ... Fellowship!! ... Fun!!
to be held at Sacred Heart Parish
Shelby, NE
Men’s:  Sept 26, 2004
Women’s: Oct. 17, 2004
5:00pm  (4th Day Mass at 4:15pm)

PRAYER/ADORATION HOURS for the Shelby Weekends (listed by Ultreya Centers)
Thursday, 7:00pm - Midnight               Beatrice / Crete
Friday, Midnight - 5:00am                   Hastings
Friday, 5:00am - 10:00am                   Lincoln
Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm                   McCook
Friday, 3:00pm - 8:00pm                     Plattsmouth/Offutt
Friday, 8:00pm - Saturday, 1:00am     Wahoo
Saturday, 1:00am - 6:00am                 Beatrice / Crete
Saturday, 6:00am - 11:00am               Hastings
Saturday, 11:00am - 4:00pm               Lincoln
Saturday, 4:00pm - 9:00pm                 McCook
Sat., 9:00pm - Sun., 2:00am                Plattsmouth/Offutt
Sunday, 2:00am - 7:00am                   Wahoo
Sunday, 7:00am - 5:00pm                   David City

Three Day Weekend – Sacred Heart, Shelby

     Rollo Team for Men's Weekend -- Mark Pribyl (Coordinator), Jon Junkin, Chuck Micek, John Springer,
     Fr. Bill Holoubek, Fr. Ron Homes.
     Rollo Team for Women's Weekend -- Kim Wilson (Coordinator), Joan Junkin, Joyce Micek, Roddy Spangler,
     Fr. Jeremy Hazuka, Fr. Paul York.
     Candidates -- Please be praying for the candidates who will be living their Cursillo Weekends in Shelby (candidates as
     of 10/10/04):
          - Steve Bartek -- Touhy, NE
          - Kevin Biskup -- Orleans, NE
          - Les Gasal -- Sutton, NE
          - Ryan Tramp -- Lincoln, NE
          - Galen Warburton -- McCook, NE
          - Janet Bartek -- Touhy, NE
          - Susan Biskup -- Orleans, NE
          - Ann Gasal -- Sutton, NE
          - Kathleen Roesener -- York, NE
          - Elaine Rosburg -- Lincoln, NE
          - Alice Trepka -- Crete, NE


 News From Secretariat ... From the Lay Director ...
    This year the National Encounter was all about reconnecting with the roots of Cursillo … with its original charism.  The Encounter consisted of a series of major presentations, workshops, Ultreya, and the celebration of the Sacraments.  On Friday, there were 11 workshops focusing on the various aspects of the three phases of Cursillo (Precursillo, Three Days, and Postcursillo); each participant could choose three workshops to attend, and since there were three of us, we selected separate workshops so that we could cover 9 of the 11 workshops that were offered.  Between sessions when we had breaks, we would each share what we had heard while it was still fresh in our minds.  On Saturday, again there were some major presentations, plus 15 different workshops, which were based on the rollos given during the Three Day Weekend (in the revised 3-Day Manual expected to be released in the near future, the “Cursillista Beyond the Cursillo” rollo is being moved into the Three Day Weekend, rather than being given by a member of the Fourth Day community during the Closing … hence the 15th rollo …).  Each participant could choose four workshops on Saturday, which left only 3 (of the 15) workshops that one of us did not attend.   I’d like to share with you a couple of thoughts from one of the workshops that made a very strong impression on me.
    Probably the one workshop that most affected me was entitled, “Postcursillo: Ultreya”.  The speaker started out by saying that Ultreya is the strength of the Movement … it is what defines us as a larger Christian community.  You affect me … I listen to you and think to myself that if you can do it, then so can I … then I, in turn, affect others …  Ultreya!! … Each of us helping one another to continue Onward!!
    Some tell me it discourages them that we cannot encourage more cursillistas to take part in Ultreya … but the speaker in the talk at National commented that it’s not our job to have 50,000 people (a bit of an exaggeration, to be sure) at Ultreya … ours is simply to have the Ultreya so that it’s available when people need it …  And if one person is saved, then it’s all worth it …  If I can pull the person behind me forward … even a little … then it’s worth it …  And if the person ahead of me can pull me forward, then it’s worth it …  And that’s what we need to do … be servants to one another …  The speaker’s summation of Ultreya is (and Victor Lugo, the National Executive Director of Cursillo often quotes this line):  “It’s one beggar showing another beggar where the bread line is.”   Sometimes it’s YOU that God wants to show the bread line to another … to do the pulling … you’re the one who knows where the bread line is, and you can pass that information along in the words you speak during the witness or the Group Reunion that occurs at the beginning of each Ultreya …  Sometimes you’re the one who needs to be pulled up … the one who can’t find the bread line … and God, in His infinite love for you, will have moved someone to be at Ultreya to “point out where the bread line is” … and maybe he/she will even accompany you as you stand in line!  Cursillo is not about the highs/lows of life … it’s not about numbers … it’s about living daily life … what we share at Ultreya is our living …  Please consider sharing yourself with others by becoming active in Ultreya … in encouraging someone else “Onward”!!
    All of this was very good … and encouraging … but the comment that hit me hardest came when the speaker talked about who is/isn’t participating in Ultreya ... he said that anyone on a Rollo team should be active in Ultreya.  His comment was: “When new cursillistas come off of a Three Day Weekend and come to Ultreya, but they don’t see the team members there, then they begin to wonder … ‘If they lied to me about Ultreya being important to my persevering in the Fourth Day (which, along with Group Reunion, is the method of perseverance that Cursillo espouses … that they taught me on the Weekend …), then what else did they not tell the truth about during the Weekend?’  I mean, obviously Ultreya isn’t important to perseverance, or the team would be here …”  That’s pretty powerful and speaks to the necessity of living the totality of the Method (Group Reunion AND Ultreya) if we are to be effective teachers … our actions need to match our words … we need to be living what we proclaim.
    May we show others where the bread line is … or let others show us … at Ultreya.  With God’s grace, may we be joyful beggars … may our lives be in the service of others … may our actions match our words!!

De Colores!!     Kathy Springer

From the Spiritual Advisor ...
    One of the presentations that I attended during the National Encounter was on Actual Grace.  It was given by a very humble priest who described actual grace as “supernatural passing help given to us by the Lord to enlighten our minds, strengthen our wills and to help us to do supernatural things.”
    St. Augustine said quoting the Lord, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.”  Another way of saying that is that “Actual Grace is necessary for the performance of every supernatural act in our life.”  We can and should ask for that gift of actual grace many times throughout our lives.  Jesus told us “to ask, to seek, and to knock”.
    Our human experience reminds us that we struggle with temptation ... we experience anger, impatience, unkind thoughts, and other difficulties.  At times like these, St. Therese, the Little Flower, used to pray: “My God, I love You!”  We would do well to imitate St. Therese!  If you are struggling with another person, then ask Jesus to take that act of love in favor of the person that you are struggling with.  If you are down on yourself, then ask Jesus to take that act of love in your favor, for peace of mind and heart.
    The priest quoted a spiritual author who said: “If you are struggling with forgiving and forgetting past hurts, then keep in mind that forgiveness is first remembering and then letting it go.”  In the book of Genesis (Gen 1:26), it says “God created us in His own image and likeness” ... so God’s goodness is present in each person, even though at times we might choose to sin ... so the hope is that each person is doing his/her best at any given time / place or in any given situation.  So, we have to be willing to respond to God’s actual grace and forgive and forget.
    Jesus loves us perfectly, with total love, and we can count on His non-judgmental love all the time.  There is no place in the New Testament where Jesus met the other nine lepers and gave them their leprosy back because they did not thank Him!  Neither should we treat others like that.  The priest shared a little prayer that is helpful when we struggle with forgiveness ... say: “(Name or names), I realize that you did your best at the time, place or situation ... wanting to be one with the Heavenly Father.  (Name or names), I forgive you.  (Name or Names), I love you.”
    We must choose to use our wills to do good ... to love ... to forgive.  If a person tries to come back and hurts us again, then pray: “My God, I love You.  Thank You for the grace of generosity You have given me.”
    There are many occasions in our lives when we need God’s actual grace ... ask for it, and remember His love for you ... His love for all persons.  When you are faced with a big decision, pray: “Come, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Light and Love!  Come with Your light to help me to see clearly what I am to do.  Come with Your love to give me the courage and strength to do it.  Amen.”
    May His actual grace help us remember that “Christ is counting on you .... and ... I am counting on Christ.”  With His Grace, Christ and I are an overwhelming majority.  Jesus live!

De Colores     Father Mark Seiker

National Encounter – Seattle, Washington ...
    Fr. Mark Seiker, Kathy and I recently attended the National Cursillo Encounter at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington.  The focus of this Encounter was the original charism of Cursillo as given to Eduardo Bonnin, the founder.  This year the Encounter focused on the book, Structure of Ideas, written by Eduardo Bonnin (this book will be the focus of the technique talks for the next few quarterly SOLs in our Diocese).  The major presentations at the National Encounter included: What is Fundamental for Being a Christian, The Purpose of the Cursillo Movement, and The Method of the Movement.  I’d like to share a few thoughts about the Encounter, the message, and the experience.
    It is truly a blessing to experience a National Encounter.  Over 600 cursillistas from almost every state were there … people of many races and language groups (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese) … priests, bishops, religious, and laity.  Even though we see friends only once a year, it is like having seen them only yesterday.  It is always amazing to group with another cursillista through an interpreter because we do not understand one another’s language.  Such is the nature of the Cursillo community … as we joined together as one community, it was evident we were one faith, one family, one Cursillo.  The joy, the sharing, the trials and successes in living the Fourth Day were the same for everyone.
    As mentioned above, this Encounter focused on the original charism of Cursillo.  We are called by Pope John Paul II and by Eduardo to make sure Cursillo is authentic as given by the Holy Spirit … to focus on internalizing the message of Cursillo … to be one Movement … united with Christ (the theme of this Encounter was “Unity With Christ”).  No diocese can say it is entirely unique – rural, urban, spread out, cultural, few priests, internal struggles – though there may be some differences, there is a great commonality in the joys and the struggles of each.  But the goal was clear - be true to Cursillo, live the Cursillo, guard the authenticity of the Cursillo, and most of all, study and know the Cursillo.  We cannot teach something we do not understand, so we must understand it.  And we cannot understand it unless we study and live the Method (Group Reunion and Ultreya).  Therefore, Fourth Dayers need to understand and live Group Reunion and Ultreya, and be in union with the Movement.
    Finally, let me share some thoughts about what was said about living Cursillo.  One of the greatest prayers we say is our life ... our “rollo” is our living witness.  We can’t touch God directly, but we can touch Him through others, and others can touch Him through us.  If we are living the Cursillo, we are in service to others.  Our heart is like a bottle full of the love of Jesus … we just have to pull out the cork (keeping in mind that everything is the work of God’s grace).  The best way to lead others to Christ is to live in peace and joy ... to pour out His love wherever we go.  When Christ said, “Go to the end of the world and preach the Good News,” He may have been talking about our kitchen or backyard … wherever the Good News needs to be heard … The world is not evil, it has just needs to be turned back toward God.
    We should live on Earth like we want to live in Heaven.  Persevere … be active … be true … be there for others.  We should be like a school of fish helping one another find the way … we should all be swimming in the same direction … the school is not to train the fish to be fish … it is rather a means of reaching a destination as a group … sticking together and encouraging one another not to stray or swim alone.  Thank You, God, for what You have given … for what You have taken away … and for what You have kept from us … thank You for Cursillo …

God bless John Springer

(Insert #1)

Survey of Cursillistas in the Lincoln Diocese

The SOL (comprised of volunteers serving the Lord in the Cursillo Movement) would like to learn more about cursillistas in the Diocese of Lincoln.  We respectfully request that you take a moment to fill out and return this survey.  Thank you for all you do for the Lord - De Colores!

Date: _____________
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Street: ______________________________________  City/State/Zip: _______________________________________
Parish Name & City: _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone:  _____________________________________   Cell Phone:  _________________________________________
Email:  __________________________________________________________________________________________
Year and location of your Three Day Cursillo Weekend: ____________________________________________________
Your Occupation: _______________________________  Spouse’s Occupation: ________________________________
Number & Ages of Children(to plan child care for Cursillo activities)    # _____   Ages:  ____________________________

Are you currently in a weekly group reunion?     ____ Yes   ____ No
     If Yes: Names of group members:  __________________________________________________________________
                Time and place you meet:   __________________________________________________________________
                Saint’s name for your group:  _________________________________________________________________
                                                                                   (If you don’t have one, consider choosing one)

If you’re not in a group reunion, would you like information about groups currently meeting in your area?
                 ____ Yes   ____ No

As a part of my Palanca, I would like to serve the Lord in / through the Cursillo Movement by (check all that apply):
____ Serving as an Ultreya Center Representative (to take information to / from the Secretariat)
____ Planning one or two Ultreyas a year (could be done yourself or by your group reunion)
____ Providing the witness at an Ultreya (simply share how the Lord is working in your life)
____ Offering holy hours during a Cursillo Weekend or at other times on behalf of the Cursillo Movement
____ Helping with the cleanup after a Cursillo Weekend
____ Working on the Palanca team on a Cursillo Weekend
____ Providing food / drinks for a Cursillo Weekend (snacks, baked goods, grocery items, etc.)
____ Making a monetary donation toward expenses (newsletters, Weekend supplies and food, etc.)
____ Being involved in School of Leaders (SOL) to learn more about the Cursillo Movement and form community with other cursillistas
____ Other suggestions: ____________________________________________________________________________

If you are in a group reunion, and participate in Ultreya and SOL, would you like to help with any of the following?
                        ____ Serve on the Secretariat
                        ____ Lead the music on a Cursillo Weekend
                        ____ Give a talk on a Cursillo Weekend

If you are unable to share your time or talent right now … are you able to share your treasure to further the work of Cursillo?           Check enclosed for  $_____________  (payable to Cursillo of Lincoln;  you may include the check with this form)

Please complete this (today if you can) and return to:    Joan Junkin
                                                                                    7820 Sandalwood Dr
                                                                                    Lincoln, NE  68510-4358

Thank you so much - we’ll send an updated directory soon!

(Insert #2)

Lincoln Diocese Sponsor Form (Confidential)
(see reverse side for the Responsibilities Associated with Sponsoring A Candidate”)

Speak to God about man before speaking to man about God.

To be a Sponsor is a privilege, and as such, carries a serious Christian responsibility.  Sponsoring a friend for the Cursillo is not a haphazard circumstance.  It should be a deliberate act to bring Jesus Christ into the world. Therefore, you must know your candidate very well and consider the important items noted below.

Candidate’s Name __________________________________

To be completed by the above Candidate’s Sponsor

SPONSOR’S Name: _______________________________________  Parish: _________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________  Phone (h): _____________  (w): ____________
City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________  Phone (cell): ____________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________   Fax: __________________________________
Fourth Day Group Reunion meeting time/place: ___________________________________________________________
Are you active in a:      ____ Group Reunion       ____ Ultreya       ____ School of Leaders
How long and how well do you know your candidate? ______________________________________________________
How long have you been discussing Cursillo with your candidate? _____________________________________________
Is your candidate free to receive the Sacraments?   ____ Yes   ____ No
If the candidate is married, has the candidate’s spouse made Cursillo?   ____ Yes  ____ No     (If no, is he/she interested in the Cursillo?)   ____ Yes   ____ No  (If no, please state the reason why) ________________________________________
Has he/she experienced a death of a loved one, trauma or severe crisis within the past year?  ____ Yes   ____ No    (If yes, please contact the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor or Lay Director)
Are you aware of any reasons the candidate should not make the Weekend?   ____ Yes   ____ No   (If yes, please contact the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor or Lay Director)
Is there an active Cursillo Group Reunion in your candidate’s parish?    ____ Yes     ____ No
Have you explained the Fourth Day (Group Reunion and Ultreya) to your candidate?  ____ Yes    ____ No
Are you willing to make a one-year commitment to your candidate to bring him/her closer to Christ  (this entails, at a minimum, reminding him/her of, and inviting him/her to the Ultreyas, offering him/her a ride if necessary, keeping in contact with him/her, and trying to help him/her find a permanent Group Reunion)?    ____ Yes      ____ No
What other information or observation can you provide us with: _______________________________________________
Why do you recommend this candidate? ________________________________________________________________
Sponsor Signature ______________________________________________________     Date ____________________

To be completed by the above Candidate’s Pastor

Pastor’s Name _____________________________________________  Parish ________________________________
Address __________________________________________________  E-Mail _______________________________
City/State/Zip ______________________________________________  Phone ________________________________
Do you recommend this person for a Cursillo Weekend?   ____ Yes    ____ No
Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Pastor’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date _________________________________

Revised 8/24/04

The only requirement for candidates is that they be Roman Catholic and able to receive the Sacraments of the Church.  Sponsors should also consider candidates for strength of character, maturity, an open mind, an ability to listen, friendship, and willingness to change. Candidates should be emotionally healthy and seeking a deeper spiritual life.  The Cursillo Weekend is not designed to be a cure-all for those experiencing personal problems.

Prayer is an important part of sponsorship and sponsors should pray for candidates before, during and after the Cursillo Weekend. Sponsors are also expected to:

1)  Explain the Cursillo Weekend:

2)  Make sure the Weekend application is totally completed: 3)  Always keep in close contact with your candidate before the Weekend: 4)  Support your candidate during the Weekend: 5)   Help your candidate participate in follow-up Cursillo activities: Couple Guidelines:  Even though the Cursillo Weekend is lived individually, the spiritual life of the couple, both before and after the Cursillo Weekend, must be considered.  The Cursillo Movement holds in highest regard the Sacrament of Marriage, and if participation in a Cursillo by one and not the other might have an adverse effect on that Sacrament, then some other form of individual spiritual renewal might be better.
    Once it is known that the person is married, the sponsor should determine whether both spouses are eligible to live the Cursillo or if both are interested in living the Cursillo Weekend.  If something would prevent one spouse from attending, either because that individual is not eligible (see the section entitled, “Those Who Should Not Go”, on page 82 of the English Leaders’ Manual) or that person does not wish to attend, then the sponsor should contact either the Diocesan Lay Director or Spiritual Advisor to discuss the situation.  When both are eligible and both agree to attend the Cursillo, then both should be prepared at the same time and the question of who attends first is not important.

Your commitment to your candidate does not end when he or she completes the application, or even after the Cursillo Weekend. It is your responsibility to make sure your candidate feels welcomed at all Cursillo activities and is supported in his or her apostolic endeavors for at least a year.

Revised 8/24/04
1   Some dioceses require the sponsor to pay a portion of the overall cost for their candidate.

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