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 September 2005

    Calendar of Events
September 10, 2005         Secretariat Meeting - 9:30am, Blessed John XXIII Diocesan Center
September 23-25, 2005   Region VI Fall Encounter, Sacred Heart Parish, Hebron, NE
Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2005      Practice Weekend, St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
October 1, 2005              Secretariat Meeting - Approx. 12:30pm, St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
October 6-9, 2005          Men’s Weekend, St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
October 9, 2005             Men’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:00pm Mass) St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
October 20-23, 2005     Women’s Weekend, St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
October 23, 2005           Women’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:00pm Mass) St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
November 4-5, 2005      School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) - 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Sacred Heart, Shelby
November 19, 2005        Secretariat Meeting - 10:00am, St. John the Baptist, Minden, NE
                                       Postcursillo Reunion - 1:00pm (following Secretariat Meeting)
December 10, 2005        Secretariat Meeting - 9:30am, Location TBA
January 13-14, 2006       School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) - 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Location TBA
February 3-4, 2006         Practice Weekend, Location TBA
February 9-12, 2006       Men’s Weekend, Location TBA
February 23-26, 2006     Women’s Weekend, Location TBA

Region VI Encounter
September 23-25, 2005
Sacred Heart, Hebron, NE

Fr. Oborny and the parishioners of Sacred
Heart Parish in Hebron have graciously
opened their doors to us ... It doesn’t get
any closer than this!

It will deepen your knowledge of the
Cursillo Movement and how it fits into
God’s plan of evangelizing the world ... in
building the Kingdom of God ...
At the same time, it will allow you to
experience the larger Cursillo Community.

[At the Spring 2005 Encounter (Omaha), there
were 3 language groups represented (English,
Spanish, and Vietnamese)].

Participation in Regional/Natl Encounters is
considered equivalent to participation in a
Quarterly SOL (due to the
educational/community aspects of each).

PRAYER/ADORATION HOURS for the Minden Weekends (listed by Ultreya Centers)
Thursday, 7:00pm - Midnight             David City
Friday, Midnight - 5:00am                 Beatrice/Crete
Friday, 5:00am - 10:00am                 Lincoln
Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm                 McCook
Friday, 3:00pm - 8:00pm                   Plattsmouth/Offutt
Friday, 8:00pm - Sat., 1:00am           Wahoo
Saturday, 1:00am - 6:00am                David City
Saturday, 6:00am - 11:00am              Beatrice/Crete
Saturday, 11:00am - 4:00pm              Lincoln
Saturday, 4:00pm - 9:00pm               McCook
Sat, 9:00pm - Sun, 2:00am                Plattsmouth/Offutt
Sunday, 2:00am - 7:00am                 Wahoo
Sunday, 7:00am - 5:00pm                 Hastings

Three Day Weekend – St. John the Baptist, Minden

     Rollo Team for Men's Weekend -- Chuck Micek (Coordinator), Jon Junkin, Mark Pribyl, and John Springer,
     Fr. Jeremy Hazuka, Fr. Harlan Waskowiak.
     Rollo Team for Women's Weekend -- Joyce Micek (Coordinator), Carolyn Holmes, Margaret L'Ecuyer, and Kathy
     Springer, Fr. Paul York, Fr. Greg Pawloski.
     Candidates -- Please be praying for these candidates who have sent in their completed applications (as of 10/2/05) for the
     Cursillo Weekends in Minden (please encourage candidates to get their applications in ASAP):
          - Jerome Clyne -- Minden, NE
          - Fr. Christopher Goodwin -- David City, NE
          - Fritz Kain -- McCook, NE
          - Dan Pospisil -- Ceresco, NE
          - Lorraine Beil -- Beatrice, NE
          - Katherine Lahowetz -- Minden, NE
          - Allison Richtarik -- Lincoln, NE
          - R. Jean Sughroue -- Cambridge, NE

Volunteers Needed ... to help with the Region VI Encounter scheduled for  Sept. 23-25, 2005, at Sacred Heart Parish, Hebron.  We need help in the areas of: (1) set up/hospitality, (2)  meal prep and serving, (3) music, and (4) clean up.  Please contact Mark Pribyl (402-641-7199) or any Secretariat member (listed on the cover of the Newsletter) to volunteer ... the sooner the better ...


News From Secretariat ... Secretariat Meetings
    Sept 10
    Oct 1                     (meeting following Practice Weekend)
    Nov 19                  (Postcursillo Reunion follows Meeting)
    Dec 10
    Jan 7
    Mar 18                  (Postcursillo Reunion follows Meeting)
    Apr 22
    Jun 3 or 10
    Jul 8

    Nov 4-5                Shelby
    Jan 13-14
    Apr 28-29
    Jul 14-15

Three Day Weekend Activities
    Sept 30-Oct 1       Practice
    Oct 6-9                 Men’s
    Oct 20-23             Women’s
    Nov 19                  Postcursillo Reunion
    Feb 3-4                 Practice
    Feb 9-12               Men’s
    Feb 23-26             Women’s
    Mar 18                  Postcursillo Reunion

Regional/National Encounters
    Sept 23-25            Fall Regional Encounter (Hebron, NE)
    Apr 7-9                 Spring Regional Encounter
    Jul 27-30               National Encounter(Location TBA)

    Jun 25, 2006         Grand Ultreya

From the Lay Director ...
    I want to tie together comments I heard last month at the 15th National Cursillo Encounter (held at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS) with comments from a friend of mine who is a priest in the Jefferson City Diocese (John and I assisted at his first Mass).  First, the comments from the Encounter …  The Friday keynote address was given by Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez and entitled, "Be Messengers of Joy" (the theme of the Encounter).  He shared many, many wonderful thoughts and insights, and he absolutely radiated joy … but his comment that most struck me had to do with Ultreya.  As the Secretariat is currently in the process of traveling throughout the Diocese trying to help re-energize Ultreyas, what Dr. Dominguez said really spoke to my heart …  I want to begin by talking about joy …
    Dr. Dominguez began his remarks by saying that Christianity is a religion of joy … and he said that when we say "De Colores", what we really mean is that we're fools of Jesus … of love and peace …  "De Colores", spoken from the heart, is simply me telling you that Jesus is in my heart …
    He went on to say that Cursillo is simply a tool to help people get to Heaven … that the candidates we bring to Cursillo will remember that kindness for the rest of their lives … they will remember us for life because they will remember Him for life … and we will have been the means by which they came to know Him in a deeper and richer way.  Cursillo is about helping others to live IN Christ with the joy and the love and the peace of Christ.  Jesus is in me (especially after receiving Him in Holy Communion!!) … it is true … it is real … and I should rejoice in that …  "Rejoice in the Lord always.  I shall say it again: rejoice!  Your kindness should be known to all.  The Lord is near.  Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.  Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:4-7).
    Dr. Dominguez went on to say that in all circumstances of life, we must find "De Colores!"  "De Colores!" in the good times … the easy times … isn't too challenging.  But "De Colores!" in the tough times … the suffering times … that's more of a challenge.  He spoke of tragedy in his own life (among other things, his wife is currently in the final stages of cancer), but he said, "De Colores!!!!"  He talked of suffering and problems, but always followed it quickly with "De Colores!"  We need to suffer with joy … with hope … because that's what Jesus said …  Our hearts may be breaking, but ALWAYS, "De Colores!!"
    He spoke of suffering in a very beautiful way … that God GIVES (implying gift) the suffering.  Dr. Dominguez spoke of the sufferings of a Christian as being a cross that will help us to bring others to Heaven … he said that, for a pagan, suffering is just a weight; but for a Christian, suffering is like wings that help us fly high … to heaven, in fact …  So, in all circumstances of life, we should have joy …  "De Colores!!"
    And that brings me to Ultreya …  Dr. Dominguez said that our Ultreyas should be full of joy and enthusiasm …  He said that on a daily basis we live our lives in Group Reunion (that's the filling of our personal "car" with gasoline … it is personal growth in Christ), and that Ultreya is "impulsing" (or propelling) groups of friends so that they can then evangelize …  Ultreya is sharing joy (from whatever circumstances, be they easy or hard) with others, that they, too, might share with others the joy they themselves have received.  We should be so full of joy in our lives that we just can't wait to share with one another the many and varied ways that God is working in our lives … and that sharing … that telling our story … is the witnessing that should be going on at Ultreya.  The witnessing at Ultreya is not some theological teaching that is meant to impress other cursillistas, but rather a sharing of one cursillista with others of how he/she is trying to live out the Gospel message (that's where the theology comes in) in the place God, in His Divine Providence, saw fit to put him/her.  And in that sharing … whether it be struggle, suffering, success, failure … whatever … there should be joy … there should be encouragement …
    Dr. Dominguez then shared the story of Luke 10:17-20:  "The seventy-two returned rejoicing, and said, 'Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of Your name.'  Jesus said, 'I have observed Satan fall like lightning from the sky.  Behold, I have given you the power "to tread upon serpents" and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy and nothing will harm you.  Nevertheless, do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in heaven."  This returning of the seventy-two … and their sharing of stories (their experiences in taking the Gospel message out) … and their rejoicing (even in the difficult times when their message was not accepted and they were persecuted) … THIS WAS AN ULTREYA!!!  The disciples had gone out to do their work (just as we are called to do … in our homes, our workplaces, and in all our other environments) and, upon returning, they had an Ultreya!!
    If our Ultreyas aren't what they should be, then we need to do something to make them times of joy and enthusiasm … and the responsibility belongs to each of us … your presence alone will enliven the Ultreya.  Dr. Dominguez stressed that what is shared at Ultreya must be about something that happened just this week (the disciples shared what had just happened to them … their recent experiences), not something from one year ago or fifteen years ago.  It's not so much that someone speaks well - it's the enthusiasm in the witness … the enthusiasm to tell the story … the witness of the last week … that speaks to the heart and builds up those who hear.  It's a means of accountability (that was Dr. Dominguez's word … but as an accountant, I like it very much) … we need to tell the truth about the week … and if we aren't doing anything for the Lord, then this should be a way to "impulse" (propel) the groups into getting up and get moving.
    This said, I want to tie Dr. Dominguez's joyful witness in to [newsletter] comments from Fr. Bill Peckman, the Cursillo Spiritual Advisor for the Jefferson City, MO, Diocese (that's the Diocese that we moved from in 1997).  Fr. Peckman says that "… The example of the saints through the ages are to be more than fanciful tales of piety, but are living witnesses of hope that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be lived in its entirety by all who have been drawn into relationship, through Christ, with the Father and with the family of Christ we know as the Body of Christ … his Holy People.
    "This is more than about religious theory.  It can be played out in a very powerful way through our Cursillista community.  If the Gospel of Jesus Christ is grounded in Christ's complete self-giving love for us, what does this say about our attitude about Ultreya and Closuras [Closings]?  Are these not avenues by which we as cursillistas selflessly offer ourselves to support those around us?  I was once approached by a parishioner who stated she did not come to Eucharistic Adoration because she got as much out of prayer by praying at home.  My response, as curt as it might seem, was, 'Who said it was about you?'  Why must all of our religious experience be about what I get out of it?  Do we not profess that to selflessly give of oneself to support another is a powerful witness of the love of Christ?  Do we not believe that thanksgiving is an essential element of our Christian experience?  If we attend or do not attend Closuras or Ultreyas based on what I might personally get out of it, then we have lost sight of the essence of Christian witness … the heart of evangelization.  I do not go to Ultreya because I need a spiritual pick-me-up; I go because someone else might be there.  I don't go to Closura because I need to feast on the spiritual awakenings of the new 4th dayers, but because they are in need of my presence and support.  Whether that Closura is in Edina or Russellville or Rolla or Timbuktu … it matters little.  We go to support.  Some say distance is an issue.  Funny … but it doesn't seem to be an issue for sporting events (especially the pro-level) or shopping or vacations or visiting friends or going to the Lake.  But for Ultreya or Closura it becomes an issue.  WE have seen the witness of a Pope who went to the four corners of the globe to let those people know of Christ's care and love for them.  He did it even in poor health.  He entered this very state while suffering from Parkinson's Disease and several other maladies.  Can we not find something in the visible witness God gave us through John Paul II and just as powerfully incorporate that into our own lives?"
    Fr. Peckman isn't often accused of mincing words (thank You, Jesus!!), and his comments are very much on target  …  I ask you to prayerfully reflect on them as well as the thoughts of Dr. Dominguez, and I ask that you consider coming back to Ultreya … come to the Closings (there are two coming up in October in Minden!!) … Be messengers of joy!!!  And share that joy with one another at the Ultreyas and Closings!!  Be among the seventy-two who returned … brimming with joy … at the way God had worked through them …  Ultreya - Onward!!!  De Colores - Jesus lives in me!!!

De Colores!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Springer

From the Spiritual Advisor ...
    Recently (August 5th) , I read a meditation in the Magnificat devotional by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J., entitled "Following Jesus":
    "Our primary responsibility, the main object of all our efforts, must be the transformation of ourselves, of our hearts and our lives.  Insofar as we succeed at this, we promote the spreading of God's Kingdom, for by doing this, we are at the same time disposing ourselves to help others and contribute even further to the spreading of the Kingdom.  What this means in the concrete is that each of us must faithfully fulfill the duties of our daily life.  The circumstances and people that God each day presents to us through His providence offer us the opportunity to perform action after action in proof of our dedication to the Kingdom.  Whether we are married and taking care of home and family, or studying in school, or working in an office or a factory or on a farm, whether we are dedicated to the priestly or religious life, matters little -- in whatever we do, we must always seek first the Kingdom of God.  That is, all of our actions of every day must be accepted as from God and referred back to Him, must be done in a way that fulfills His Will, for in this way alone is the Kingdom of God promoted and spread upon earth."
    That sounds very much like Cursillo.  First, we are called to know ourselves, and then to enter into a friendship with Jesus.  Finally, we take Jesus with us out into the world.  Sometimes, as Americans, we tend to focus on the doing ... on the work ... on the spreading of His Kingdom.  But before we begin doing, we must first ask for His help and His grace so that we can let Him transform us.  In the words of the song: "Take My Life", we need to let Him ... "Take my heart and form it ... Take my mind, transform it ... Take my will, conform it ... to yours, to yours, Oh, Lord."
    When we let Him transform us, then we will see every situation in our lives as much as is humanly possible with His eyes.  Because we let Him form us, transform us, conform us, to be like Him, the persons and the situations of our lives will be His gifts to us ... and He will be placing us with the people and in the environments that He wants us to be, so that we spread His Kingdom.
    Spreading His Kingdom would be action (evangelization) ... but it first begins with piety (holiness ... entering into a friendship with Jesus) ... and it continues with study (formation  ...letting Him form us, transform us, conform us, and our wills, to His) ... and then we are better able to be used by Him to spread His Kingdom.
    St. Alphonsus Liguori has something to teach us about prayer ... in the August 1st Magnificat meditation, he tells us:
    "God wishes all people to be saved.  As we read in 1 Timothy 2:4: God 'desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.'
    Furthermore, God is ready to give to everyone the help needed for salvation, but He grants it only to those who ask Him.  As Saint Augustine wrote: 'He gives only to those who ask.'
    Hence it is a common opinion of theologians and of the Fathers of the Church that for adults prayer is necessary as a means of salvation.  This means that if you do not pray, or if you neglect to ask of God the help needed for overcoming temptation and for persevering in grace, you cannot be saved.
    On the other hand, you must remember that our gracious Lord cannot refuse to give graces to those who ask for them, because He has promised to do so.  'When you call upon me and come to pray to me, I will hear you' (Jer 29:12).  Have recourse to God and He will not fail to hear you.  Ask of God all that you desire and you shall receive it.  'Ask for whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.' (Jn 15:7).
    These promises, however, are not to be understood with reference to temporal goods, because God gives those only when they are for the good of the soul.  But God has promised absolutely to grant spiritual graces to you if you ask Him; and having promised it,God is bound to give them to you.,  Saint Augustine says: 'By His promise, God has made Himself our debtor.'
    My Jesus, teach me to pray and to remember always how much I need to pray in order to save my soul."
    So, before God asks us to help spread His Kingdom throughout the world, He wants to start by transforming us.  When we are transformed into His image and likeness, then we, as cursillistas, really will be the "Messengers of Joy" (the theme for the 15th National Cursillo Encounter) that we called to be.  Then He will be better able to use us wherever we are, in whatever environment we are, to proclaim His Gospel to all those  we meet.  But the action starts with piety, and continues with formation, and then, as the "messengers of joy" that we have been formed to be, we spread His Kingdom and do His work.
    Remember, the Three Day Weekend began with getting to know yourself first, then getting to know Jesus ... at that point, you are ready to take Jesus out into the world.  So, in our Fourth Day, we must regularly and continually take time to know ourselves and to know Jesus ... take time to let Him form us ... then we will be better instruments to spread His Kingdom as messengers of joy.

De Colores!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Father Mark Seiker

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                                                                                September 1, 2005

Dear Cursillista of the National Cursillo® Movement,

We greet you and wish God’s blessings on you and your family. We pray that having lived the 3-Day Cursillo® Weekend, you are utilizing the method of Cursillo in your daily life and in your walk with Jesus. As a Cursillista, and member of your diocesan Cursillo® Movement, you are part of the National Cursillo® Movement of the United States.

The United States Cursillos in Christianity has a National Cursillo® Center located in Dallas, Texas. This Center organizes the operations of the National Secretariat, which safeguards the essence, purpose, and methodology of the Cursillo® Movement. For more information on the National Cursillo® Movement, we invite you to visit our website at

We, the Finance Committee of the National Cursillo® Movement, are writing to request financial contributions from you for the benefit of continuing the work of the National Cursillo® Movement. The National Cursillo® Movement receives income via two major avenues, annual diocesan affiliation fees and the sales of books and materials. In the past, there have been sizeable gifts bestowed to the Movement. However, these gifts were onetime gifts and have ceased to exist. Expenses never cease though. On the contrary, we know too well their astonishing increase to the detriment of creating a much wider gap with income.

We are asking you to consider making a monetary donation to the National Cursillo® Movement. Perhaps you can consider giving the equivalent of one hour’s pay per week, per month or per year. Checks can be made payable to “National Cursillo® Center” and mailed to PO Box 210226; Dallas, Texas 75211. Or you may be moved to make a donation of an item from our “Wish List” (see back). If you are in a position to provide any of these items please contact the National Cursillo® Center for information and details at 214-339-6321 or email us at We hope you are able to contribute in some way. Remember, your donation to the National Cursillo® Movement, a 501(c) (3) entity, is tax deductible.

We rely on God and your generosity to receive what we will need. Please pray and ask God to lead you – you are the National Cursillo® Movement! We thank God for you and we know that you are an evangelical witness of the Good News that “God Loves You”! Thank you for your consideration. Please keep the National Cursillo® Movement in your

Your brothers and sister in Christ,

Jim Wells, Diego Melians, Kathy Springer
The Finance Committee of the National Cursillo® Movement

National Cursillo® Movement
“Wish List”

1. Data projector with 1024x768 resolution (3)
2. Laptop/Notebook computer (2)
3. Language translator software for Windows XP (4)
4. Desks (4)
5. Metal Industrial Shelves (30)
6. Van – 8 passenger
7. U-Haul Trailer
8. Conference table with 10 chairs
9. Dry-Erase Board 48” x 96” with stand
10. Windows XP compatible Computer with monitor
11. Scanners (2)
12. Work bench cabinet (6)
13. Storage cabinets (3)
14. File cabinets – four drawer (8)
15. Telephone System with (6) telephone
16. Cell Phones (4)
17. Digital Camera, min. 5 mega pixels
18. Tables 6’ Portable folding (15)
19. Label System Electronic
20. Copier high capacity
21. Partition 16’ Freestanding Portable
22. Podium Fully Powered (microphone & speaker)
23. Wooden Book Shelves (4)
24. Television 27” with stand
25. DVD & VHS combination player
26. Digital Camcorder
27. Sofa and living room chairs
28. Mini Blinds 36” x 60” (20)
29. Vacuum Cleaner
30. PC DVD Read/Write drive (6)
National Cursillo® Center
P.O. Box 210226
Dallas, Texas 75211

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Registration Form

School of Leaders
Quarterly Reunion
November 4-5, 2005
220 S Walnut
Sacred Heart School - Shelby, NE

New participants are ALWAYS welcome ...
We are beginning a new book!!

If you cannot be with us, we request Palanca for the success of the School.

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________

Phone:                                         Email: ______________________________________

Where and when did you make your Cursillo? ______________________________________________________

Are you able to receive the Sacraments of Confession & Holy Communion?    Yes     No

To which Organizations do you commit your time? __________________________________________________

Are you living the follow-up program of Group Reunion?    Yes     No

Are you living the follow-up program of Ultreya?    Yes     No

Do you have any physical/medical/dietary conditions to be considered? __________________________________

Please Return this Form WITH PAYMENT To:
John Springer, 1410 E 15th St, Crete, NE 68333                         BY NOV 2, 2005

Is Christ tugging at your heart to serve Him through Cursillo?
SOL is the working arm of Cursillo … May God us your time/talent/treasure in SOL to do the work of Cursillo ... build community with other cursillistas ... spend time in prayer and meditation with the Blessed Sacrament.  SOL is for ALL cursillistas ... men and women, couples, singles, priests and religious.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4th (Retreat Phase ... preparation for Saturday's SOL)
        7:30pm ---      Registration (NO Meal Friday evening)
        7:45pm ---      Mass
        8:30pm ---      Meditation, confessions, quiet time

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th (School of Leaders Agenda)
        7:00am ---      Morning prayer and Mass, followed by breakfast
        8:30am - 4pm Group Reunion, Intro, 2-3 Sessions and Lunch
        4:00pm ---     Clean up and Depart (Supper not provided)

Please bring the following with you to the SOL:

Please bring a snack to share, if you like.

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