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 November 2004

    Calendar of Events
October 30, 2004          Secretariat Meeting 9:00am, Blessed John XXIII Ctr, 3700 Sheridan, Lincoln
November 5-6, 2004     School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Sacred Heart, Shelby
November 13, 2004       Postcursillo Reunion – 1:00pm-3:00pm Sat, Sacred Heart, Shelby
December 4, 2004         Secretariat Meeting 10:00am, Blessed John XXIII Ctr, 3700 Sheridan, Lincoln
January 7-8, 2005          Practice Weekend, St. Joseph Church, York, NE
January 13-16, 2005      Men’s Weekend, St. Joseph Church, York, NE
January 16, 2005           Men’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:00pm Mass) St. Joseph Church, York, NE
January 20-23, 2005      Women’s Weekend, St. Joseph Church, York, NE
January 23, 2005           Women’s Closing, 5:00pm (4:00pm Mass) St. Joseph Church, York, NE
February 25-26, 2005    School of Leaders (quarterly reunion) – 7:30pm Fri-4pm Sat, Location TBA
April 8-10, 2005            Spring Regional Encounter, Omaha, Cathedral Center
July 28 - 31, 2005         Cursillo National Encounter, Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

Change in the date of the
Women’s Winter 2005
Three Day Weekend

Women’s: NOW Jan. 20-23, 2005
(the Weekend following the Men’s)

School of Leaders (SOL)
November 5-6, 2004
Sacred Heart School
Shelby, NE
Since there is less than 1 week
between the receipt of
this newsletter (see enclosed
registration form) and the
scheduled date for SOL,
we ask that you
please CALL (402-826-2699)
to make your reservation for SOL
(the reservation is important
to help us plan for food).

Welcome New Fourth Dayers
    Sacred Heart, Shelby, September 26, 2004: Steve Bartek, Les Gasal, Ryan Tramp, and Galen Warburton.
    Sacred Heart, Shelby, October 17, 2004: Janet Bartek, Ann Gasal, Kathleen Roesener, Elaine Rosburg, and Alice Trepka.
    Welcome to the 4th Day!  As you return to your environments (which were just as you left them), do you recognize people who could benefit from living a Cursillo Weekend?  Make a friend, be a friend, bring your friend to Christ ... that may not necessarily mean bringing your friend to a Cursillo Weekend, but it might ...  Remember that Christ is counting on you, and you must count on Him!

News From Secretariat ...

From the Lay Director ...
    In recent weeks, I’ve been reminded often, and in varied ways, of the beauty and importance of friendship ... John and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary …during the Mass that Msgr. Hain prayed on the day of our anniversary (he presided at our ceremony 25 years ago, too), he referred to the only definition of “love” that he thinks has ever stood the test of time ... Thomas Aquinas’ definition, as borrowed from Aristotle … that is, love being “benevolent friendship” … self-sacrificing (not selfish) friendship … not what’s in it for me, but rather, what can I do for the other ...
    Friendship … that would also encompass preparations for the Fall Cursillo Weekends … and the Cursillo Weekends themselves (new friendships formed and old ones renewed) … and our October Ultreya (which, in addition to gathering together just for the friendship, had ‘friendship’ as the central theme of the witness’ remarks) … my weekly Group Reunion (this week, since we can’t meet on Saturday morning because of the Secretariat meeting, we’re planning to meet on Sunday evening instead … because we don’t want to miss the sharing … the friendship …) … working together on this Newsletter … laughing and talking and enjoying one another’s conversation and company as we work  …  Friendship …  SOL, with the community and friendships formed there …
    Friendship … that would also include my “saint friends” ... those “friends” who are part of the communion of saints ... the Church triumphant ... those who [through formation and prayer] give me their wisdom and love and friendship as I journey through life ...
    And the most important friendship of all … my friendship with Him … the ultimate Friend … He called me ‘friend,’ you know … and I call Him ‘Friend’ (talk about self-sacrificing friendship on His part!!) … I count on Him, just as He counts on me … we count on each other … because we’re friends …
    At the last two Region VI Encounters, the talks/rollos have come from the book, 1st Conversations at Cala Figuera (hereafter referred to as “Conversations”).  We have referred to this book several times in recent newsletters (it’s one that we’re going to study at upcoming SOL’s … right after we finish the book, Structure of Ideas).  Conversations, which is “about the foundational charisma of the Cursillo Movement”, says that friendship is “the deepest form of sharing (contact).”  It further says that “to be a friend [and the book makes a clear distinction between ‘friend’ and ‘acquaintance’], is to be able to think about life out loud” … that “if man does not have someone to sustain him, he will not have endurance and therefore he will become unsustainable” … it says that “Cursillo is … a song to life and homage to friendship” …  I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of that …
    The introduction to Conversations states that there are “ten ‘runways for takeoff’ … a decade of concepts that well understood (or believed with the heart) bring the individual near to the Foundational Charism of the Cursillos in Christianity, the foundation (origin) of the personal flight, of the daily closeness towards God.”  Friendship is one of those ten runways, or concepts (the others are Person; Freedom; Love; Conviction; Sincerity; Criterion; Life; Normality; and Joy) … but today, I want to talk about friendship …
    In the chapter on Friendship (the talk/rollo given by Eduardo Bonnin at Cala Figuera), Conversations says that “when a person, by conscious and divine Grace, experiences the friendship of Christ, they discover that He is truly a friend, par excellence.  He Himself looks at us with joy, He is a friend who truly loves us forever.  He listens to us with passionate desire, He knows our intention, He rejoices with us in our pleasure.
    “When the friendship between two friends is ratified and reinforced with the friendship that both have in Christ [and that would be Cursillo …], then the joy of being friends increases and the friendship reaches a deep level, because the friendship made and tested in the light of Christ, is a friendship guaranteed and secured by Him [thank You, Jesus!].  There are many things that can be said about Christ as our friend but they are not sufficiently adequate to explain what a human being can really feel when he consciously lives, aware and alive with Christ.
    “… When this [friendship between friends] is a true and intimate friendship, the partners in the friendship know themselves inwardly.  Although each one has different qualities, there is a reciprocal respect.  They help each other to overcome the problems of life when they meet together to speak, to dialogue and to share each other’s problems [sounds very much like Group Reunion …].  They understand each other, even without words [I have friends like that …]; by looking into the face of the other they can interpret each look, since every smile expresses the closeness that they feel and every gesture speaks of the friendship.
    “Friendship is the best way for coming to a good understanding of a person; it is the most profound way of living happily together with others.  The dialogue that is possible between each friend when it isn’t necessary to use annoying ‘filters’ to avoid misunderstandings; to be able to express what you feel inside, without fear of not being heard or understood, to express thoughts and feelings; enhancing life; breathing fresh air into the relationship; making the friendship more interesting, more enjoyable and pleasant.   “The authenticity of each individual life can be seen in the friendship.  Communication grows with sincere friendship and the richness of all that is possible in friendship is realized.  Real friends are not possessive, they want freedom for the other and they help each other to reach the best thing for both, they help each other to reach their potential, to become all that each of them can be.
    “Each of us is different and our circumstances are different, but we each have a place inside ourselves where even we do not know ourselves.  Friendship is capable of helping us (consciously or unconsciously) to know ourselves in that deep interior place.  Just as gravity causes water to flow into a hollow, a friend who knows us deeply can help us to see ourselves as they see us, as our lives flow with the same rhythm, with ups and downs, but always buoyed up by the friendship.
    “Essentially all friendship requires a mutual respect for the inner part of each one, where each person meets God in the intimacy of his or her being.  This area is a place of mystery that exists inside each person; this place that cannot be described in words is where confidentiality [one of the hallmarks of Cursillo … we need to feel ‘safe’ in sharing …] must be firmly respected.  This means that in some particular circumstance or condition, a friend can arrive at the very edge of the boundary of this interior place, but it is very dangerous for the friendship to overstep that boundary.
    “Whenever and wherever true friendship exists, it is because both friends have entered into the process, be it long or short, of growing in the relationship, with frequent meetings [Group Reunion, Ultreya, SOL …] and rare confidence, where words are spoken and listened to with devotion and respect …  In friendship we open ourselves to our friend, but this opening must always be dynamic, trusting and confident.  Friendship is one of the best ways of becoming a whole and balanced personality because it nurtures and completes the well being and wholeness of the person.”
    There is much, much more in the book (even in the chapter on Friendship), but this is a good beginning …  I have been so humbled by the beauty and blessedness and joy of friendship of late that it seemed like a logical topic for me to pick for the Newsletter ... to talk to my friends about!  It is very much a central theme/key of Cursillo …  After all, we’re asked to “Make a friend, be a friend, and bring that friend to Christ” … so we ought to know something about friendship!!
De Colores!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Springer

From the Spiritual Advisor ...
    Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has designated October 2004 - October 2005 as the Year of the Eucharist ... a year of reflection on and increased devotion to the Eucharist.  Pope John Paul II said that the year is an opportunity for the Church to “start afresh from Christ” by “contemplating more assiduously the countenance of the Incarnate Word really present in the Sacrament.
    A decade ago, in preparation for the Jubilee Year 2000, Pope John Paul II called us to spend the year of 1995 as a Eucharistic year.  In the weeks after the close of the Jubilee Year, Pope John Paul II said that what we can take with us from the Jubilee Year, was the experience of “gazing on the face of Christ”.  Now, after the Jubilee Year 2000, he again calls us to a Eucharistic year.  Really, time with our Lord in the Eucharist is about “gazing on the face of Christ”.
    In his Apostolic Letter, “Mane Nobiscum Domine” (Stay with us, Lord), issued Oct. 7, 2004 in which he proclaimed the Year of the Eucharist, our Holy Father said: “When the disciples on the way to Emmaus asked Jesus to stay “with” them, he responded by giving them a much greater gift: through the Sacrament of the Eucharist he found a way to stay “in” them.  Receiving the Eucharist means entering into a profound communion with Jesus.  “Abide in me, and I in you” (Jn 15:4).  This relationship of profound and mutual “abiding” enables us to have a certain foretaste of heaven on earth.  Is this not the greatest of human yearnings?  Is this not what God had in mind when he brought about in history his plan of salvation?  God has placed in human hearts a “hunger” for his word (cf. Am 8:11), a hunger which will be satisfied only by full union with him.  Eucharistic communion was given so that we might be “sated” with God here on earth, in expectation of our complete fulfilment in heaven.
    What a gift Jesus has given us in the Eucharist!  He comes to us to abide in us, to transform us into Him.  Reflecting on this great gift, should move us to be very thankful ... which is what the word Eucharist means ... “thanksgiving”.  Each day that we are able to receive Him in Holy Communion, and each day that we are able to spend time with Him in Adoration of the Eucharist ... sitting at His feet and “gazing on His face” ... should move us to be more thankful ... and that will move us to structure our lives so that they are ever more centered on the Eucharist.
    The Cursillo Movement encourages us to spend time with our Lord in the Eucharist.  Jesus is counting on us, and we must count on Him ... we must spend time with Him ... with Him at Mass ... with Him in Eucharistic Adoration ... letting Him form us and shape us into thankful people.
    Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic letter expressed this as he said: “May all of you, the Christian faithful, rediscover the gift of the Eucharist as light and strength for your daily lives in the world, in the exercise of your respective professions amid so many different situations.  Rediscover this above all in order to experience fully the beauty and the mission of the family.
    There are so many things that we are asked to do in our lives as Christians ... as cursillistas ... that are beyond our human abilities ... but with His light and His strength, we can do much ... we can have an effect on our environments ... on our world ... but we must count on Him.
    Pope John Paul II concluded his Apostolic Letter by saying:  “We have before us the example of the Saints, who in the Eucharist found nourishment on their journey towards perfection.  How many times did they shed tears of profound emotion in the presence of this great mystery, or experience hours of inexpressible “spousal” joy before the sacrament of the altar!  May we be helped above all by the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose whole life incarnated the meaning of the Eucharist.
    If we want to be perfect ... if we want to be in Heaven with Jesus and with His friends ... the saints ... then we need to constantly turn toward Him for nourishment for the journey.  By reading the lives of the Saints and learning of their love for and devotion to the Eucharist, we will find examples of how other men and women counted on Christ and “gazed on His face” in order to grow in perfection ... how they found joy and union with Jesus ... in the words of St. Francis de Sales and St. Louis Marie de Montfort: “Jesus live!”
    Jesus come to abide in me in the Eucharist and stay with me ... live in me ... so that I can come to a close union with You and better make You known in the world ...  “Jesus live!”

De Colores  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Father Mark Seiker

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                                                    Registration Form

                                     School of Leaders
                                    Quarterly Reunion
                                   November 5-6, 2004
                                         220 S Walnut
                        Sacred Heart School - Shelby, NE

               If you cannot be with us, we request Palanca for the success of the School.




Phone:                                         Email:

Where and when did you make your Cursillo?

Are you able to receive the Sacraments of Confession & Holy Communion?    Yes     No

To which Organizations do you commit your time?

Are you living the follow-up program of Group Reunion?    Yes     No

Are you living the follow-up program of Ultreya?    Yes     No

Do you have any physical/medical/dietary conditions to be considered?

Please Return this Form WITH PAYMENT To:
John Springer, 1410 E 15th St, Crete, NE 68333 NO LATER THAN NOV. 3, 2004.

You are invited to the Quarterly Reunion of the School of Leaders.  Come participate in the work of Cursillo ... build
community with other cursillistas ... spend time in prayer and meditation with the Blessed Sacrament.  The School is for all
cursillistas ... men and women, couples, singles, priests and religious.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th (Retreat Phase)
        7:30pm ---      Registration (NO Meal Friday evening)
        7:45pm ---      Mass
        8:30pm ---      Meditation, confessions, quiet time

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6th (School of Leaders Agenda)
        7:00am ---      Morning prayer and Mass, followed by breakfast
        8:30am - 4pm Group Reunion, Intro, 3 Sessions and Lunch
        4:00pm ---     Clean up and Depart (Supper not provided)

Please bring the following with you to the weekend:
    • Pilgrim’s Guide
    • If you have the following:
        • Leader’s Manual (please begin praying the Leader’s Prayer on page 57)
        • Lincoln Diocese Pastoral Plan for Cursillo (click here for link to Pastoral Plan)
        • Structure of Ideas (will be available for $7.00 at SOL)
        • Catechism of the Catholic Church

• “Classic” Cursillo accommodations will be available.
• Advance registrations are requested; it is fine to attend Saturday only or Friday only
• Suggested donation (if you are able) for the weekend is $15.00 per person.  Please make check payable to “Cursillo
of Lincoln” and mail with the Registration Form.
• Please keep this half of the flyer for future reference.
• Please bring a snack to share, if you like.

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Cursillo Application Form for Diocese of Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Diocese Sponsor Form

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