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November / December 2000

    Calendar of Events
January 6, 2000 Secretariat Meeting at St. Johnís School, Lincoln - 2:00pm
January 11-14, 2001 Menís Weekend at St. Johnís School, Lincoln
January 18-21, 2001 Womenís Weekend at St. Johnís School, Lincoln
March 2001  Leaders School Retreat Ė Details to be announced later ...
April 27-29, 2001 Regional Meeting at Grand Island, NE Ė More info to come...

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,
    The next two Cursillo weekends at St. Johnís School in Lincoln are fast approaching.  The dates for the weekends are:  (Men: January 11-14; and Women: January 18-21).
    I invite & encourage you to continue to pray for the Candidates, the talk teams, and the palanca teams, and especially to personally prepare persons you know and invite them to make the weekends.  Each of us made the weekend because we were personally invited;  invited first by the Lord, because all graces come from Him.  But we were also invited by the Lord through others.  Remember the phrase from the Evangelization talk:  "Make a friend, be a friend, and bring your friend to Christ."   Be evangelizers and invite others to experience the joy you have found.
    I also want to encourage all of our Cursillistas to reflect on and LIVE the fourth day!  On your weekend, you were encouraged to become a regular member of a weekly Group Reunion, and to attend a monthly Ultreya.  If you are not a  member of a Group Reunion, I encourage you to become a member of an existing group or to form a new group with other Cursillistas who are not in a group.  Work with your Group to encourage each other to live the Cursillo Method of Holiness, Formation, and Evangelization.  Pray and work together to reach out to invite others to experience the encounter with Christ that you have experienced.
    The deadline for applications for the next set of weekends is Thursday, Dec. 28.  We need at least 10 men and 10 women to have the weekends.  Please take some time in the next week to invite and encourage those you know to make a weekend.
    As we celebrate this Jubilee Year celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the beginning of the Third Millenium, the Holy Father calls us to make this year intensely Eucharistic!  The Cursillo Movement encourages us to spend time with our Eucharistic Lord and to let our encounter with Christ flow out into our active lives.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with Hope and Joy and peace during this Advent season and this Jubilee Year.  Celebrate the new Millenium and the Jubilee Year by inviting others to make a weekend.  Evangelize yourself, evangelize others, and look for unity, goodness, and holiness in all things.
    De Colores!      Fr. Mark Seiker

Cursillo WEB PAGE ... check out the new web page ( for Cursillo Movement of Diocese of Lincoln.  This newsletter & other Diocesan Cursillo information is shown there.

"Like the coolness of snow in the heat of the harvest is a faithful messenger for the one who sends him."
(Prv. 25:13)
    As I write this letter, the midwestern cold has arrived.  A reminder that winter and the January Cursillo weekends are not far off.  The men's weekend is only about six weeks away.  To date I have very few application in hand for candidates.
    In Luke 10:2, we are told: He said to them, "The harvest is abundent  but the laborers are few."  We were forced to cancell the summer weekends because we had so few candidates signed up.  We know that the harvest is abundent so maybe we laborers just need to work a little harder!  We need to make sure that we are making every effort at this time to study our environments to see if there is anyone who we feel should make a Cursillo weekend.  Pray about the situation and talk to that person about Cursillo.  Anyone who has invited a friend to Cursillo probably knows that there are always many excuses why it would not be possible for them to make the weekend  (many of us used those same excuses when we were first invited).  Don't be discouraged!  Keep trying.
    My hope is that anyone who was sponsoring a candidate for the July weekends will speak with that person and see if they would be able to make the January weekend.  I realize that it is difficult after many people made the commitment only to be let down when the weekends were cancelled.  Ask and encourage anyway and remember, CHRIST IS COUNTING ON YOU.
    Yours in Christ, Chris Yarger, Lay Director

SPRING REGIONAL MEETING: will be held  April 27-29, 2001, at Grand Island, Nebraska.  This is pretty close for a Regional Meeting.  It would be very good to attend this meeting.  There are a number who are talking of attending this meeting.  If you are interested or for more information (as it becomes available), please contact Chris Yarger, or your secretariat representative.

NEXT CURSILLO WEEKENDS -- have been set for January 11-14, 2001 (Men), January 18-21, 2001 (Women), at St. John School in Lincoln.  The practice weekend will be Fri., Jan. 5-Sat., Jan. 6.  Terry Little is the Coordinator for the Menís weekend and Joan Scdoris is the Coordinator for the Womenís Weekend.  Ron Yarger & Ron Sladky are Menís Palanca Co-coordinators and Annette Wemhoff & Theresa Wilhelm are Womenís Palanca Co-coordinators.  If you would like to volunteer to help with the Cursillo Movement in one of the following ways, please contact, Chris Yarger or Father Mark Seiker: offer holy hours during the weekends and other times, give a talk, work on Palanca, attend Leader School, make donations toward expenses, and/or bring food to closings.  Please email Chris Yarger at:
    Continue to study your environments and invite people you know to prepare to be candidates for these weekends.  We have about six weeks before the menís weekend to study, invite and prepare candidates for the weekends.
 Each Ultreya Center has some small little booklets (The Cursillo Movement, What Is It?) available for sale ($1 each) to help you know more about Cursillo and to give or sell to those who are really interested in the weekends.  There are also two other little booklets available ...  The Cursillo Movement: Sponsor's Booklet, and The Postcursillo, Group Reunion, and Ultreya.  Informational flyers and application blanks are available from your area representatives.  Remember to read carefully the sponsor portion of the application and commit yourself to helping the candidates that you sponsor.   Also, tear off the sponsor portion of the application before you give the application to the prospective candidate.  Then remember to turn both the completed application and the completed sponsor form in to Chris Yarger as soon as possible.

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