Cursillo Three Day Weekend
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Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska
(Revised 12/13/2009)

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Clicking on "Sponsor Form" below will start an email to John Springer, the Diocesan Lay Director.  If  you ask John to send you a Sponsor Form, he will email to you a "pdf" file that you will be able to print out and complete.  Remember that the candidate does NOT receive the sponsor form (in the application packets we mail with the Newsletters, the Sponsor Form is usually blue).

After the candidate completes and signs the Application Form, you (as the sponsor) need to fill out the Sponsor Form and have the candidate's pastor sign the completed form.  Then, please send the completed Application Form (along with the $20.00 registration fee) and the completed Sponsor Form as soon as possible to the Diocesan Lay Director:  John Springer, 1410 E 15th St, Crete, NE  68333; 402-826-2699.  The earlier the application materials are received, the earlier a welcome letter (with important information about the Weekend) may be sent to the candidate before the Weekend.

PLEASE read both sides of the SPONSOR FORM … it will help you better understand the responsibilities of being a sponsor (for example the sponsor needs to write a personal Palanca letter to the candidate to be read during the Three Day Weekend).  Also note that when a husband and wife are both eligible to attend a Cursillo, then the two should be prepared (Precursillo) at the same time – the question of who attends first is NOT important.  In other words, it is NOT mandatory that the husband live a Cursillo Weekend before his wife.  For more explanation/details, read the Sponsor Form.

Sponsor Form

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